For every Viligno floor a matching skirting is available in the same colour and design structure. This accomplishes not only a complete and perfect finishing, but also hides the required expansion gap between the floor and the wall. Viligno skirtings are easy to fit thanks to the convenient clip system and you can effortlessly hide cables and wiring behind them. Viligno skirtings are made of plastic which also makes them waterproof. This means you do not have to steer clear of the skirting boards when giving your floors a good mopping and you can also clean them separately with water.

Multifunctional profiles

Viligno multifunctional profiles can be used as expansion profiles or as adjustment profiles. If the latter case, the profiles can make up for differences in height of up to 14 mm. Each application guarantees an optimal connection to other flooring. In larger areas extra expansion gaps may be required, these can be perfectly finished with Viligno profiles. Viligno profiles are easy to fit and available in 3 different colours: natural, champagne and titanium.

Underfloor branched polyethylene foam
(only applies to the 4mm version)

To optimise the equal level of the existing subfloor we highly recommend using a Viligno underlay. Its resistance to pressure has a positive effect on the optimal conservation of the click joints and thus guarantees the longevity of your Viligno floor. Viligno underlays also absorb sound, therefore they can significantly reduce the sound of contact with the floor. The underlay is supplied on a roll and can be combined with floor heating or cooling perfectly.

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