Structure of Viligno PVC flooring

Viligno PVC flooring consists of four different layers. First there is the waterproof and sound-absorbing core in PVC (1). Overlying the core is the pattern layer (2). Advanced printing technology produces a hyper-realistic rendering of wood and stone motifs. A transparent protective layer (3) protects the pattern against wear and damage. An extra protective top layer (4) in polyurethane (PU) increases the scratch and wear resistance, gives a matt finish and stops dirt from sticking to your Viligno floor.

Viligno rigid LVT floors are just 2.5 or 4 mm thick. They are ideal for installing on top of existing floors without invasive work such as trimming doors.

All Viligno floor come with a guarantee of 20 years with normal residential use. Download our conditions of guarantee here: UNICLIC / DRY BACK.

Viligno floors are easy to install thanks to the patented click system. Because of this the planks click togheter easily and ensure a fast installation.

Viligno floors are 100% waterproof, therefore optimal for use in wet areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Viligno floors can be combined with floor heating perfectly, as long as the contact temperature does not exceed 27° Celsius.

Viligno floors’ noise reduction characteristics are significantly better compared to average laminate flooring with a special underlay.

Viligno floors are remarkably resistant to wear and scratching thanks to their abrasion resistant layer, coated with a polyurethane top layer.

Viligno floor are slightly compressible and feel soft and warm to the touch, even when walking on them barefoot.

Viligno floors are impact resistant due to the vinyl’s strong elasticity, the durable construction, and the hard polyurethane top layer.

Product specification Applied standard Value 4 mm / 2.5 mm
Usage classification ISO 10582
EN ISO 10874
Conforms to the European standard EN 14041 CE
Wear layer (mm) - 0.55
Thermal conductivity, λ (W/m.K) EN 12667 0.097
Reaction to fire EN 13501 – 1 Bfl s1
Slip resistance (-) EN 13893
DIN 51130
Colour fastness (-) EN ISO 105 B02 ≥6
Dimensional stability (%) ISO 23999 0.10 / 0.15
Scratch resistance EN 660-2 Class T
Hygrothermal Properties for use with floor heating EN 12524 Up to 27°C
Toxicity EN 71 No heavy metals
Volatile organic compounds (French VOC emission) ISO 16000 A+
Formaldehyde emission (Class) EN 717-1 E1
AgBB classification after 28 days – TVOC without NIK (mg/m³) DIBt & AgBB ≥0.1
Suitability for use with castor chairs (-) ISO 4918 / EN 425 25000 / 2500
Resistance to chemicals (-) EN 423 / EN ISO 26987 0, alcohol: 2
Residual indentation ISO 24343-1 ≥0.1 mm
Curling EN ISO 23999 ≥2 mm
Guarantee - 20 years residential use
5 years commercial use / 10 years commercial use

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