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Why choose vinyl?

Vinyl, or PVC, is a supple plastic with attractive benefits for flooring. Vinyl used to be supplied as floor covering on rolls, but its full potential is reached in the form of boards and tiles. Viligno LVT flooring offers many obvious advantages over other types of floor covering, such as carpeting, parquet and laminate. It is ideally suitable for ‘wet’ areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and toilets and can be combined with floor heating.

The exceptional walking comfort of a Viligno vinyl floor

Walking barefoot on a tiled floor in winter is not a pleasant feeling. After all, a tiled floor is hard and will always feel cold to the touch. Viligno floors, on the other hand, retain a degree of pliability, so that your body weight doesn’t press so hard on your feet.

Viligno floors feel naturally warm and prevent the ‘cold feet syndrome’, so that your general feeling of wellbeing increases considerably. Viligno opens up a whole new world of comfort.

Unrivalled acoustic comfort with Viligno

Noise is one of the biggest nuisances of our time – external noises, but also those disturbing contact noises within the home. Sound travels so easily from one room to another.

The problem is even worse in flats. Neighbours moving tables and chairs, the constant walking around and various other contact noises can be very annoying.

Viligno soundproofing floors put an end to this auditory discomfort. They are remarkably sound-absorbing and footsteps as well as shifting chairs and falling objects become almost inaudible. The soundproofing qualities of a Viligno floor are demonstrably better than those of the average laminate floor provided with a special subfloor.

Renovation is easy with Viligno

You do not need to worry about renovation projects – at least, not as far as the flooring is concerned. Viligno floors, despite their extreme durability, are only 2.5 or 4 mm thick, which is considerably thinner than the thinnest laminate. So you don’t need to break up the old floor. You can simply lay your new Viligno floor on top of it.

Thanks to the minimal thickness of Viligno floors, doors will require very little, if any, planing. Viligno 4 mm with click system also lets you work quickly and cleanly, eliminating the need for drying times.

Viligno floors are completely waterproof

Very few floor coverings are suitable for wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. If you install e.g. laminate or parquet in these rooms, you are bound to see swelling, distortion and other damp-related problems.

With Viligno waterproof floors, such problems don’t occur. Vinyl repels water and the PU protective layer increases this effect. A dropped vase or spilled drink will do Viligno no harm. In fact, Viligno floors are entirely at home in very wet areas. This makes them the best waterproof floors for rooms with high levels of humidity and where cleaning regularly takes place with water. We refer here mainly to kitchens, toilets, bathrooms, store rooms, etc. Viligno waterproof floors keep their shape in those damp circumstances – they don’t swell up and simply repel the water.

Viligno, the long-life floor

Every Viligno floor is made to last, even under intensive use. The strength of the vinyl and special treatment make Viligno floors extremely durable. The robust core of the boards and tiles, make the shape and dimensions very stable.

In addition, a protective layer and finished top layer of polyurethane make the Viligno design floors scratchproof and stain-resistant. The polyurethane layer also gives a lovely matt finish to your Viligno floor, and ensures that no stubborn dirt will stick, while water and moisture are efficiently repelled.

Moving house? Take your Viligno floor with you

Even if you are only moving into your current home on a temporary basis, you can still have a beautiful Viligno floor if you opt for the 4 mm version with Uniclic system. Thanks to the click system and the fact that this Viligno floor is laid without adhesive, you can easily take up your durable Viligno floor if you move house and re-lay it at your new address.

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