How do you install Viligno vinyl flooring?

Viligno floors can be installed quickly and easily by a tradesman or a handy DIYer. Just a few rules and recommendations must be borne in mind. For example, ensure that the subfloor is entirely hard, smooth, dry and even, and level it first if necessary. Detailed installation instructions for Uniclic and Dry Back can be found here.

The Viligno click system: fast, handy and reliable

Viligno boards and tiles click together simply and easily, thanks to the patented click system. The Viligno click system works according to the reliable tongue-and-groove principle, whereby boards and tiles are firmly clicked together along their entire perimeter. We strongly recommend using the Viligno subfloor. It is also important that the floor can expand and contract. An expansion joint should therefore be provided all round.

The click system means that Viligno boards and tiles do not need to be glued to the floor. This saves a lot of time and work, and avoids the messiness of glue in the home. And with the absence of glue, you don’t have to allow for drying time – you can enjoy your new Viligno floor right away.

Viligno for gluing: The ideal floor for the project market

The so-called dry back version is perfectly suited to use in the contract market (offices, hotels, etc.), but also meets the demand from the residential market.

Thorough preparation of the substrate is extremely important for a perfect end result, since the slightest unevenness will stand out. The substrate is only suitable for bonding once a primer and levelling compound have been applied. For installation, an adhesive should be used that is suitable for gluing PVC panels.
The floor must not be walked on for 24 hours after installation.

Your Viligno floor, ideal in combination with floor heating and cooling

Viligno can be perfectly combined with floor heating as long as the contact temperature does not rise above 27° Celsius. Viligno vinyl floors optimally conduct the heat and distribute it evenly around the entire room.

Because of the minimal thickness of the comfortable Viligno floor, heat is also quickly distributed throughout the room. Vinyl is an effective heat conductor and so immediately feels warm to the feet. Viligno floors in combination with floor heating guarantee economical energy use and a comfortable ambient temperature in all circumstances.

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