Viligno floors, so easy to maintain

With a minimum of maintenance, your Viligno design floor will look like new for years. The hard top layer of polyurethane ensures that dirt cannot stick. A soft sweeping brush, a vacuum cleaner or damp cloth is all you need for the day-to-day maintenance. For more thorough cleaning, you can use water, as the Viligno floor is 100% waterproof. For deeper cleaning, use a mild detergent together with a microfiber mop. That’s all that’s required to enjoy a lovely clean floor. Download here the detailed information on maintenance and installation.

Viligno, extremely scratch- and stain-resistant

Looking for a very durable floor? Then Viligno is right for you. Viligno floors are scratch-proof, thanks to their protective layer and tough top layer in polyurethane (PU). They don’t only protect the pattern, but also the entire walking surface. Polyurethane consists of two components, one soft and one hard. It is precisely the combination of these two characteristics that makes PU so suitable: on the one hand it keeps its suppleness, and on the other hand it is extremely scratch-resistant and hard-wearing.

You can be sure that your Viligno floor will still look as good as new after years of intensive use, retaining its original shine and colour. Another advantage of the protective PU layer is that dirt cannot easily stick to it and it repels liquids. Whatever you spill on your Viligno floor, you can wipe it up with a damp cloth without leaving any marks or traces behind. What other floor offers you such assurance?

Viligno is good for health and hygiene

The Viligno floor is very hygienic and easy to maintain, with positive effects on your health and wellbeing. Viligno floors are anti-static, anti-allergenic and anti-bacterial. They don’t harbour dirt and are easy to dust and clean. Viligno floors offer a responsible solution for babies or elderly residents of the household, or people with allergies or sensitive airways.

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